First Aid Course In Auckland

The first aid course at BeSafe Training is recommended for everyone. Our course provides first aid training to prepare you for a wide range of situations and to give you the confidence and knowledge of how to deal with them quickly, correctly and efficiently.

Basic first aid knowledge can save lives

There are loads of reasons why people don’t go on first aid training courses.

But if you ask anybody who has done a first aid course in Auckland with BeSafe Training whether it was worth it, and their answer will be unequivocally “Yes!”.

We think having some basic first aid knowledge is essential, and not only because it help saves lives.

First aid training will make you confident and comfortable and therefore more effective and in control when you need to be. You’ll learn how to remain calm in emergency situations and you’ll learn simple acronyms to help you recall the steps you need to take. You’ll also be trained in how to collect information about what happened and the patients’ condition which can be passed on to the emergency services, saving them time and possibly lives.

Appropriate first aid given immediately you can stabilise a patient until emergency medical services arrive. Your actions can help reduce a person’s recovery time and make the difference between a temporary or long-term disability.

Not all accidents, injuries or illnesses require a trip to the hospital but it doesn’t mean they don’t cause pain and suffering. By knowing what to do, even a little, you’ll help to relieve their discomfort by remaining calm and collected you can make them feel more secure and reduce anxiety levels.

first aid course auckland

Course Information

Our stage 1 first aid course in Auckland is held over one full day and will help you to gain the confidence to provide first aid when required. You will learn to assess and manage a patient for shock, bleeding, burns, fractures, soft tissue injuries, poisonings, heart attack, asthma, stroke, seizure and diabetes.

You will also be able to provide basic life support through CPR and management of a foreign body airway obstruction (choking).

Duration – 1 Day

Price – $187.83 + GST per person (no additional credit fee applies)

What you will achieve

Level 1 – NZQA 6402 – Provide resuscitation level 2 – 1 Credit

Level 2 – NZQA 6401 – Provide first aid – 1 Credit

Are you ready to save lives?

Find out more about our first aid course in Auckland by calling BeSafe Training on 0800 333 899.

Address: 1B Beatrice Tinsley Crescent, Rosedale, Auckland 0632

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Phone: +64 9 555 2365


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