Excavator simulator training

Operating a track excavator safely takes skill and practice and extensive training and can be costly. Using the BeSafe training simulator, you will be able to significantly reduce training costs while improving safety and efficiency.

BeSafe Training offers professional excavator simulator training: state-of-the-art technologies to train excavator operators to high levels of proficiency and safety.

Track excavator simulator training provides a safe, cost-effective and realistic learning environment where drivers can gain both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Become a confident, competent excavator operator

If you want to upskill yourself and work with an excavator, our simulator is the next best thing to actually sitting in the cab and operating a real machine.

excavator operator training

These state-of-the-art simulators provide a variety of work site conditions enabling hands-on learning. Drivers develop familiarisation and understanding of machine controls, as well as experiencing correct and safe operating procedures before training on actual machines. Simulator training teaches users the same OEM controls and machine applications they would find on real-world work sites across New Zealand. It is a safe platform to train new operators without risk of injury or accident.

The software used for the training offers a ‘true to life’ experience to develop a full range of foundation operation skills in a safe and controlled environment. Drivers follow set of carefully developed exercises in areas such as maintenance, driving, maneuvering, safety and special handling, all in a full-scale training tool.

Excavator driver training

Excavator simulator exercises can be configured for trench digging, pipe laying, battering and dump truck loading in a variety of soil types, weather conditions, day/ night operations, and emergency situations.

Thanks to the rotatable multi displays, the operator’s seat on a motion platform, and interchangeable controls, joysticks and pedals all in a realistic high-definition graphic environment, the BeSafe fully immersive simulator provides a completely realistic machine experience.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced operator, the simulator has a variety of training scenarios to suit your capabilities. The training simulator can be used by experienced operators to refresh and sharpen their skills or can train beginners, helping to develop correct digging and loading techniques and propulsion methods. The skills obtained in the proficient use of this machine also mean you can adjust to other types of earthmoving equipment. This is a great starting point if you are wanting your tracks (T) endorsements and do not have the current experience.

Training for excavator operators

Book a session on our simulator to build your hours in the seat. During the training you will have full access to all tasks within the simulator to ensure you have the opportunity to refine the particular skill you want to focus on.

Driver training and evaluation tools

excavator training course

Excavator simulators provide an excellent training and evaluation tool. Together with adherence to safety procedures, correct equipment handling techniques and response to emergency situations and failures, the excavator operator’s dig, swing, dump and return phases can be monitored and recorded. Combine that with the BeSafe Training instructor’s after-action review, you have a complete training and evaluation system.

Digger Operator – Certificate of Competency (Excavator)

Do you require training in the safe operation of a tracked excavator?

On our Digger Operator – Introduction course you will learn how to operate a tracked excavator in a safe environment. You will begin in the morning session by using the latest virtual reality simulator to get a handle on the fundamentals of operating a digger. In the afternoon you will apply these skills at the NZ Machine Hire practical training yard with a machine and expert digger driver.

This is a great starting point if you are wanting your tracks (T) endorsements and do not have the current experience.

Why choose Besafe Training?

Besafe Training is a category 1 education provider. In our review by New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), we received the highest possible grade. We were found to be:

Besafe Training Ltd is a Private Training Establishment (PTE) based in Rosedale, on Auckland’s North Shore. To organise our excavator driver courses call us on 0800 333 899.

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